Professional, Private and confidential Psychotherapy
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FAQ and Practicalities

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per session?

Regular sessions are 50 minutes in duration and are charged at £65.  I charge the same for a preliminary consultation which can be up to 75  minutes.  I keep some places for low incomes or on benefits, although there may be a wait for these to become available. We will have an opportunity to discuss fees and any other practical matters at the preliminary consultation.

What happens in the preliminary consultation?

The preliminary consultation, is a time to meet each other, and explore some of your concerns and difficulties.  It is also a time for questions and queries which you may have.  It is important to have time to be thoughtful together about, for example, the nature of your difficulties, what you are hoping to gain as well as your current needs, whether Psychotherapy might be suitable at this moment in time. It is not uncommon for these sessions to continue over a number of weeks which can give us a chance to get to know each other and to ensure the therapy is right for you. If we decide together that the type of therapy we offer isn't suitable we can also discuss other options with you.

You are under no obligation to continue after the preliminary consultation.

How frequent are the sessions?

Continuity is an important aspect which allows the process to become effective.  As such, we hope to be able to meet at the same time each week for 50 minutes.  The minimum commitment is once a week, with the possibility of greater frequency of sessions per week, which will provide the opportunity for more in-depth work.  It can be difficult initially to know about the length of therapy as this varies. In some circumstances a set number of agreed sessions can be helpful but the process can be more effective if left open ended and gradual. This can allow more substantial changes to take place.

I can also offer short term dynamic psychotherapeutic counselling consisting of 12 or more sessions

Are the sessions completely confidential?

Psychotherapy is a private and confidential treatment.  Confidentiality is kept at the highest importance and would only be compromised in very rare cases where the individual, or an associated child or adult, is thought to be under severe risk. In such circumstances every attempt would be made to first discuss the matter with you. All issues relating to confidentiality are in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the BACP and BPC.

How do you feel about Equality and Diversity?

I believe that our ‘differences’ should be celebrated. I am committed to the provision of a service based on equality and respect for ‘difference’.  I aim to provide a service for people irrespective of ‘race’, culture, gender, sexuality, class, religion, HIV status, disability, age or language.




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