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About Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons. Life can throw unexpected and upsetting things at us and sometimes we find ourselves affected by events more than we thought.  It is quite common to come to therapy with a specific problem only to discover, when it is looked at more deeply, that it has permeated other areas of our life and is having a greater effect than previously appreciated. Psychotherapy can be effective once a week or sometimes more frequently. It can take place over a defined period or if suitable it can be open ended and take as long as need be. This is something we can decide at the beginning and/or review as we go along.

The sessions  take place in the same room, at the same time each week and last for fifty minutes I will listen carefully to your story in a non-critical, non-judgemental manner. "Solutions" will not be offered but I will work with you to identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour or thought processes so as to allow you to find more creative, satisfying ways of living your life - ways that work for you rather than trying to impose a particular strategy.

Psychotherapy will help you to learn more about yourself and how you relate to other people as well as how you relate to yourself. This increase in self knowledge is often fundamental to facilitating any sort of positive change and leading a more fulfilling life.



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